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General Rules of

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Following rules apply to all users of the forum. We highly recommend all to familiarize with these rules in order to avoid any unnecessary problems. If you have any enquiries about General Rules feel free to write:
The Administrator reserves a right to change General Rules without informing.

1. Dictionary

§1. Administrator – General supervisor inspecting Moderator’s actions and all submitted posts. Administrator’s decisions are ultimate and no appeals will be taken under consideration.
§2. Ban – disables using the Forum. Ban can be temporary or permanent. Obvious and/or notorious breaking General Rules will be awarded with ban.
§3. Avatar – a picture displayed under User’s name.
§4. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – a section where the most popular questions find their answers.
§5. Link – URL address redirecting to other website.
§6. Moderator – a member of forum’s staff, taking care of Users’ general compliance with rules, topics being written clear and neat, according to topic’s subject.
§7. Post – a single submitted opinion.
§8. User’s Profile – a set of informations about one User, containing e.g. date of birth, number of submitted posts, photo; User can also change his/her own display settings.
§9. PW – Private Message – kind of “internal” e-mail that one can send to other User.
§10. Rank – user’s activity displayed under User’s nickname.
§11. Spam – advertisement, useless information, senseless, blank or reduntant posts.
§12. Signature – text displayed under User’s posts, can be defined in User’s profile.
§13. Emoticon – tiny graphic shown within a text, usually a face illustrating a certain emotion.
§14. Subject (topic, thread) – a separate discussion in one section.
§15. User – a registered person (with own nickname), taking a part in Forum’s existence. Users have rights to submit posts and new threads, voting in surveys, uploading and commenting pictures in certain photo albums, talking in a shoutbox. All Users are subordinate to Moderators and Administrators.
§16. Guest – am unregistered person with limited access to Forum’s content.

2. General Rules

§1. The Forum is a part of a portal and is administrated by its staff.
§2. Guests have access only to a part of the Forum. Full access is given after registering.
§3. Registering and using the Forum is free for all.
§4. Using vulgar or obscene words and expressions, insulting and offending human dignity, posting and uploading pornographic and illegal content is highly prohibited.
§5. Every single User can be banned to a part or to all the Forum without any explanations.
§6. Technical difficulties (etc.) should be reported to the Administrator or Moderator but only if that problem is not caused by User’s actions.

3. Submitting new posts

§1. The Forum is a place to exchange thoughts, experience and opinions between Users and is an all Users’ property, therefore using it as a place to ask questions and suggesting replying on skype, gadu-gadu (etc.) is inadvisable. Let all other Users benefit from your experience.
§2. Before you submit new thread, make sure that there is no other topic where you can find what are you looking for – the “search” option (“szukaj”) will be helpful. If the similar to your thread already exists – use that one instead.
§3. Match a new thread to the right section. Do not post the same thread in several sections.
§4. The thread’s title should reflect it’s content. Do not entitle threads for example: “Help”, “I have a problem”, etc. A right title guarantees legibility and reading the forum with ease.
§5. One topic = one problem/question.
§6. Do not post off-topics. If you want to ask about something not connected with a current thread – make a new thread.
§7. Every post has to be at least 6 words long. Emoticon, quotation and punctuation are not considered to be “words”.
§8. Do not submit a post right under your last post. If you want to add something to your last post use the “edit” (“edytuj”) button.
§9. Do not use slang or blog words like “luv U”, “IMHO”, “WTF”, etc.
§10. Be precise and write your posts in a clear and neat way, exactly describing your problem – only then you will get a quick and right respond.
§11. When nobody is responding to your post do not write following posts like “will anybody help me?”, “still waiting for a solution”, etc. – be patient. Use a thread monitoring option (“Śledź odpowiedź w tym temacie”) – you will get an e-mail notification, when somebody posts in that thread.
§12. When your problem is unsolved for a longer time and you fell an urge to refresh it, try to add some information or use different words to describe it.
§13. Do not submit posts like “I agree”, “user XY is right”, “I feel the same”, etc. – this will not help anybody. Do not post solutions already given.
§14. Try not to post in threads that you are not interested in or you don’t have any useful information.
§15. If you want to delete your post – change it’s text to “post to delete” and write a Private Message to the Administrator or one of Moderators
§16. Talk about private things using Private Messages, e-mails, etc. Avoid writing about those things in posts.

4. Nicknames / Signatures

§1. User has a right to own only one account.
§2. Users owning multiple accounts will be punished
§3. If you want to change your nickname or delete account created by mistake send an e-mail to: or use Technical Support
§4. An account may be deleted after a longer time of inactivity (withouy logging in) – approximately a year.
§5. Signature can be maximum 2 lines long.
§6. Using banners , graphics, and writing using large fonts (>19) is forbidden.

5. User’s profile / Avatars

§1. While filling your personal data use real information or leave a box blank.
§2. User has a right to upload a graphic as his/hers avatar. Maximum size is 6kB, maximum resolution – 100x80 pixels.
§3. Avatar cannot have any abusive, insulting or offensive content or brake any rule mentioned in General Rules of
§4. Avatar can be in *.gif, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png format
§5. Users can find ready-to-use graphics in Profil.

6. Consequences of breaking the General Rules of

Every single User has to follow General Rules of
Users breaking the Rules or ignoring Administrator’s or Moderators’ orders will be punished by warnings, bans or in obvious cases – accounts will be deleted with IP ban. Graduation of a punishment is in Administrator’s/ Moderatos’ gestion. Administrator and Moderators have a right to delete, move, edit threat or post, which breaks Rules without giving any axplaination.


If you have any queries or complaints about the Forum – send an e-mail to
Registering means accepting the Rules.
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